October 18, 2021

$4,812/Mo in Passive Income Owning This Ferrari Pista



If I told you that you can make a good salary driving a Ferrari would you believe me? My Ferrari Pista is finally sold after a year and half with end profit of $77,000! That is after taxes and maintenance too. In this video Ill break down all the numbers for you.

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3 thoughts on “$4,812/Mo in Passive Income Owning This Ferrari Pista

  1. That is an excellent idea I mean I rent out my RV currently and it makes pretty good per year I say around 15000 but not 4000 solid per month. I should maybe invest in a car that can be rented out. Problem is that I would not want to rent out my NSX or my Porsche 911 Turbo S ah the angst of someone messing it up. But I guess everything has risk.

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